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The main purpose of the paper is to study, research, and analyze the ethical dimension of the nursing practice. The constant pressure through the numerous distresses and conflicts is getting more and more complicated with the development of the modern technologies and new opportunities for providing the effective medical treatment. Therefore, to understand and to be able to properly cope with the number of ethical issue, it is necessary to give the description of the most important ethical issues and to analyze the evidence that shows how these issues are implemented in real life.

In the case that will be studied within the paper, it is alleged that the Member has failed to cope with the ethical issues as he failed to cope with the client that had such diseases as dementia, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and had a stroke. In addition, there were numerous previous evidences of the aggressive behavior of the client. In the evening of the accident, the client was wandering the halls of the Facility in the extremely agitated mood. The Member took the client to his room several times, and after one of them the client tried to get out, but the Member had closed the door. The Member stayed outside the ward for six minutes, during which the client was shouting and kicking the door. Several minutes after the client finished shouting, the Member entered the room and found the client lying down at the floor in the puddle of urine with his head bleeding from the gash. The client died the following day after the hospitalization.

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Although there was a PSW on duty, it can easily be seen that the Member was the one to commit this abuse as it has been mentioned that the client was known to suffer from the serious diseases, which was necessary to be taken into account while providing him with medical assistance. The potential risk of the stroke that had the perspective to occur in the future must have been regarded as the reason for the highest attention to the client and reduction of all the boundaries to provide him with the immediate assistance. Here, we can see the failure in such ethical issue as commitment of the client as the Member was supposed to provide the client with the medical assistance of the highest level of professionalism and be ready to do that in the particular period of time regardless of the details (CNO, 2009). The respect for life has also been contravened by the Member as the situation shows that the life of the client has not been properly evaluated and respected. Even when the Member found the client lying on the floor and bleeding, 911 was called by the PSW on duty who followed the Member to the room after the particular period of time. The Member failed to make all the possible efforts to preserve the life of the client that can be easily identified within the overview of the case provided by CNO.

In deeper research of the case, considering the basic ethical issues that have been contravened by the Member, it is necessary to elaborate and propose several strategies that aim at reducing the possibility of the future creation of such situation and improving the level of professional medical care (CNO, 2013). The Members have to be provided with the proper education on the issues considering the sphere of maintaining commitments to the clients and to receive all the data on the practical implementation of the process of assisting the clients (CNO, 2012). The new educational program must include such aspects as the definition of the highest importance to protect the life of the patient and proper argumentation to the claim to give the understanding why the Member has to provide all patients with the necessary assistance at any time and how he can do that. The lack of proper education results in the series of fatal cases connected with the inappropriate medical treatment of the patients, and, therefore, the additional training on the notions of the respect and protection of the human life has to be taken. By providing proper information on the issue of the medical treatment, as well as formation of the proper attitude towards the highest value of the human life and the necessity to provide the patient with the necessary medical assistance will help one to behave properly in the occasions as the one that took place in the issue.

The second strategy that has to be implemented is the change in the policy of the Facilities and the general policy of patients’ treatment. This strategy is due to the serious need in additional control of the process of medical treatment and attitude to the responsibilities of the medial specialists. Every detail and even small mistake can potentially have an irreparable impact on the client and his well-being. Therefore, the Members have to understand their importance and the necessity of proper fulfillment of the requirements that are represented to them by the medial institution and the client (CNO, 2009). Also, there has to be serious control that will give the member understanding of his responsibilities and that all his actions and decisions will have serious consequences for the patient. This also will give the ability for other medical assistants to provide the member with the necessary help in cases where it will be needed. The strict policy and control will help the member to form the proper attitude and realization of the importance of the medical treatment and the highest value of the human life and how the theoretical base has to be implemented in practice.

In conclusion, the mistake of the Member is that he failed to protect life and health of the client by ignoring his screams and shouts and also failed to maintain proper commitment to client by ignoring him and his agitated mood. As we can see, the inappropriate professional behavior of the medical specialist resulted in the lethal outcome for the patient that, in fact, is the evidence of the Member’s failure and the high necessity of the implementation of the series of new initiatives and alternative strategies that aim at reduction of such situations in the future. The serious failure in providing professional medical assistance also proves the need to restore the existing policy within the medical facility where special attention has to be given to the control of the Member’s behavior and the responsibilities the one has. The proper education and coaching, as well as control and proper policy at the work place, will positively affect the formation of the medical knowledge and behavior of the Member and help him to elaborate the proper attitude towards the patient.

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