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A document-based question (DBQ) essay is an essay students are asked to complete as a part of an Advanced Placement exam. An Advanced Placement exam is an exam that students take before claiming extra college credit. This is extra challenge students want to complete. An Advanced Placement exam requires writing a DBQ essay. Some students may easily cope with the assignment, while most of them may need professional DBQ essay help. Read more about a DBQ essay and how to write it successfully.

What Is a DBQ Essay?

A DBQ essay is a response essay that requires students to answer some particular assigned questions. Being a document-based essay, it requires students to refer to some specific historical documents as a confirmation of the facts and statements. Thus, a good DBQ essay should contain reputable historic documents used for references. About 5-7 documents are usually cited for one DBQ essay. There are some variants of what types of documents may be used for writing a DBQ essay, those may be maps, newspapers, letters, reports, and other materials considered as credible sources for citation.

The main goal of a DBQ essay is to demonstrate knowledge and skills obtained during an AP class. Here are some of the frequent skills students learn in the flow of the lessons and further demonstrate them while writing DBQ essays.

  1. The class teaches a student to analyze the context of the reading material, define the author’s perspective, and predict who the target audience of the text may be.
  2. Attending AP classes, students should learn how to combine the information from different sources and integrate and support the materials from different documents.
  3. In the flow of learning, students should understand the major point of the materials and define it in a form of a strong and concise thesis statement.
  4. The application of background historical knowledge may help develop a stronger case.
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Many students strive with their written tasks on the daily basis without requesting help on DBQ essay writing. At the same time, some students wonder how others cope with the assignments and have time for personal life and entertaining activities during the session period. The response is easy; such students use document based questions essay help and utilize the time remained for pleasure. A proper balance between work and leisure allows students remain productive and full of enthusiasm in the flow of their education. If you cannot boast energy and power for learning, you need assistance.

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Placing orders with us, you may expect to get an authentic paper written particularly for you. We never use ready papers from the web. Each assignment starts with a detailed analysis of the task and further research of the required materials. The DBQ essay writer gets acquainted with the information regarding your assignment, and only then turns to writing. 

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No matter how fast you need your DBQ essay, you may expect that our seasoned writers will prepare it for you. Our experts are ready to follow your specific instructions as they are familiar with all the stages of essay writing and can handle any task you may need. Get some ideas of what you may expect from our writers:

  • Statement of a particular point of view from different angles
  • Proper analysis of the documents and their adequate grouping under the specific theme
  • Full attention to all the aspects of the assignment provided
  • Substantial background knowledge in history and application of this knowledge when analyzing the documents and answering a set question 
  • Objective statements without prejudice 
  • Proper referencing of the case

Thus, no matter what task you give to our writers, they will complete it

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If you have never placed orders with online custom writing companies or you have some negative experience, you may feel the tension about whether to buy order with us or not. We understand your doubts, and we want to ensure that you are not alone. We frequently hear from our clients about various doubts. However, we are ready to prove that your experience with us will be different. Our DBQ essay writing service guarantees your satisfaction. If the paper does not correspond to the expected quality, you may ask for a revision for free or even a refund. We value our reputation and guarantee the money back if the order is of poor quality. However, for now, you want to know how to place an order. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to place an order with us. You may send us a request, “help me with DBQ essay writing”, and we will willingly assist you. At the same time, you may also place an order yourself. 

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How to Write a DBQ Essay? 

If this is your first DBQ essay, you may have doubts whether following a standard scheme of essay writing fits as in case of a DBQ essay you have to refer to historic documents, which may be different from traditional essay writing. You always use our DBQ essay help or read the steps below and try to follow them. 

1. Study the question you have to answer

Attentively read the assignment and ensure that you have to understand what must be done. You may check some details of the question online or read a prompt in the instructions if any.

2. Analyze the historic documents 

Check the documents related to the period stated in the task. You need to understand the context of the document and how it is related to the question in focus.

3. Develop a DBQ essay outline 

Prepare an outline to see how the paper should look like. Make sure that you include the major aspects you want to consider and strictly follow this outline while writing

4. Start writing

Some students feel pressure and cannot start writing as they think that they have not gathered enough materials or they are not sure how to start. Your task is to start writing; you will make changes if you think that some aspects are not properly written.

5. Proofread and edit your paper

When a written part is over, you need to pay attention to the DBQ essay format. Check whether you have followed the required citation style and paper format presented in the instructions. Proofread your paper.

DBQ essay format and structure

A DBQ essay usually consists of two parts, the answers related to the document and an essay response. An essay should have a traditional essay structure, which usually corresponds to the five paragraphs structure. You may request us to write both parts or any specific part, as you wish. Send us a request, “write my DBQ essay”, and you get qualified assistance of what to do to place an order of what you need. 

A DBQ essay usually has the following structure:

  1. The introduction with the background information and a thesis statement
  2. The first body paragraph with a topic sentence
  3. The second body paragraph with a topic sentence
  4. The third body paragraph with a topic sentence
  5. The conclusion

Each section we write for you will correspond to the highest level of proficiency as we employ top writers specialized in different fields of knowledge.