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Tax Accounting

Taxation is a source of government revenue collected through levying or imposing charges on corporate organizations and citizens of the country. The government may use taxation to encourage or discourage the country's economic decisions.


Accounting Sample Essay

Let me start by considering the very nature of accounting. Accounting is a routine process of systematization business transactions recorded in the primary documents with the double purpose: a) to control the presence, movement and rational use of assets, timely execution of its obligations to suppliers and contractors, financial and credit agencies, etc., and b) forming data to make internal and external reporting.


Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

One can identify three characteristics of a successful entrepreneur exhibited in Bill Skees. The first one is being studious. Skees manifested this quality in that he did not make a quick decision to leave his former job and start his own business of selling books, although it was the dream of his life.


Ethical Issues in Managerial Accounting

Accounting essay example on topic Ethical Issues in Managerial Accounting. Elements of a Balanced Scorecard and How They Are Used. How Can EEC Avoid Unethical Behavior


International Financial Reporting Standards

International financial reporting standards (IFRSs ) are a set of standard procedures designed for use by business globally so as to enable uniformity in financial reporting. IFRS are of high importance to companies that have subsidiaries or partners from across several nations. IFRSs are slowly taking over from the various national reporting and accounting standards, and this procedure comprises of directions that should be followed by accountants to keep financial books that can be understood, compared and are significant to all users, both nationally and across the borders. The emergence of IFRS came as an effort to synchronize accounting across Euro Union, but their value became appealing and the standards spread worldwide. This paper considers the importance, structure and some examples of IFRSs.


GM Annual Report Analysis

General Motors manufacturer’s different motor vehicle brands and has outlets indifferent countries in the world. It’s one of the most popular brands with a presence in both developed and developing countries due to its reliable vehicles which fit both the rich and the middle class. The financial statements used in this analysis are those of the period ended Dec 31, 2013.