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Why Mexican peso and the Japanese Yan declined sharply after first US presidential debate?

The global investment market has been keeping close tabs on the effect of the first presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump back in the end of September 2016.


Revenue Bonds Investment

The choice of the particular revenue method for a public facility is quite challenging due to the tax issues and the overall burden resting with the officials who should act on behalf of the community.


Municipal Budgeting Analysis

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that budgeting is always a challenging task regardless the level of funding and objectives outlined for the following year.


Property Tax

Property tax, as the name suggests, is the levy applied upon valuation of any property.


E-commerce in Banking

Advancement in information technologies and improvement of the Internet access have not only changed the way businesses are being conducted, but have also resulted in cutthroat competition on the global market. As a consequence, strategic companies have incorporated and integrated information technologies in their operations to create competitive advantages and to sustain their existing competitive advantage.


Asian Development Bank

Development banks play a significant role across the globe, regions, and countries. Among the most notable institutions of this nature is the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which was established in 1966.