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Business Plan Final

Swig is an excellent investment opportunity. Besides, the future company has a strong potential. Its business plan provides a clear business concept, an entering strategy, a management structure, and information on the market need. Moreover, the business plan describes the company's competitive advantages, provides financial forecasts for investors, and describes an exit strategy.


Cash Flow Preparation

Cash flow statement is a record that depicts how the funds or working capital flow as it moves in or out of the business in a period of accounting that may include a financial year.


E-Commerce Implementation Strategy

The changing trends in the business realm require organizations to implement modern tools that promote efficient delivery of goods and services.


Food and Beverage

With the increasing globalization, there has been an increasing competition in every sector, hospitality not excluded.


Process Personal Selling

Personal selling entails assuring that a sales representative makes a sale through meeting the personally with the potential client.


Why Mexican peso and the Japanese Yan declined sharply after first US presidential debate?

The global investment market has been keeping close tabs on the effect of the first presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump back in the end of September 2016.