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If you want to be a student of a good college, be ready to spend much time writing application essays. This short piece of writing requires many skills: you need to be informative, brief, and memorable. The following article features some useful tips effective for writing a good college essay.

  1. Avoid repetitions.

Let us imagine that the topic of your college application essay is “The reasons why I should become a student of this college”. Do not begin your essay with “The reasons why I should become a student of this college are…”.

This phrase is not informative and sounds boring. It wastes the words while you should meet a certain word count. Try to knock to the heart of the committee members with your very first line. Let us say “I have always dreamed of a successful career”. However, do not extend your sentence with unnecessary content. The sentence “I remember that I have wanted to become a successful man and achieve the desired goals from my early childhood” is too long to concentrate the reader’s attention on your key idea. Do not repeat the same adjectives again and again – good, professional, strong, confident, etc. Be specific!

  1. Avoid long sentences as well as sentence fragments

Are you a writer who adores long sentences filling them with many adjectives and metaphors? If yes, then you should spend a lot of time on editing. Undoubtedly, it is easier to make grammar and punctuation mistakes in such sentences. Also, by writing a wordy sentence you risk losing your key idea. While cutting the adjectives, be sure to leave the ones that will help you to make your writing interesting and unique.

  1. Do not just tell about some situation – show your attitude to it

A college application essay should be written on some personal and interesting topic. If you have to write an admission essay, be sure to express your personality in it. If you describe some situation, do not just concentrate on a simple chronicle of events – tell the audience what lessons have you learned from this event. What feelings and emotions did you experience? How has it influenced your personality? How has this particular situation shaped your goals and plans for the future? Use your essay not for describing some particular event of your life but rather for presenting your strong personal traits. The college application essays are a perfect platform for everyone who wants to succeed.

  1. Leave a positive impression with your essay

Do not economize your time by writing a short college essay. We assure you that writing a good paper requires much time and effort. A wise student will create an outline and set an effective schedule to manage his time. Choose a specific topic. Keep in mind that the average professor is very tired of reading identical essays. He wants to see evidence of careful work. Go for it and achieve success!

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