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Kolcaba's comfort theory

The theory of comfort was established in 1990s by Katharine Kolcaba. The theory is based on the need of the patient and represents the holistic approach to nursing care.


Locsin’s Technological Competency

The theory pertains to the acknowledgment of individuals as participants in their care process as opposed to mere objects of care.


Orem’s Self-care Nursing Deficit Theory

Orem developed the self-care deficit theory to improve the quality of nursing in hospitals. This theory is used in primary care settings and rehabilitations.


PTSD in Veterans Sample Essay

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health problem that is inherent to people experiencing a certain stress. Often this is related to experience or to be witness to a life-threatening incident.


Toxins in the Body

People living in the current times are the first to be exposed to an unprecedented number of dangerous chemicals on a day-to-day basis.


Medication Management For Nurses

A lot of lawsuits are happening in many parts of Australia, and many nurses are being sued every year. With a legal knowledge, a nurse is able to evaluate a healthcare outcome and understand responsibility as a way to improve health care of patients.