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Microwave Technology History


Microwave technology encompasses myriad technologies, but the universal one is the microwave oven. Several attempts to discovering the microwave technology took place from 1930s, but not until 1945 when the microwave oven was discovered. Percy Spencer is the man credited with the discovery of the microwave oven. Percy managed to discover the microwave oven while working with an American company christened Raytheon. He was charged with the duty of building magnetrons that were used for radar sets. Thus, the discovery took place after Percy noticed that an active radar set had melted the chocolate situated in his pocket. Percy went further with his experiment whereby he managed to cook pop corns and eggs. These two experiments educated Percy further as he settled for making a metal box that encased the food during the cooking process to prevent it from escaping. After the discovery, Raytheon, the company that Percy worked with filed for a patent in the United States. This motivated the company to build its first microwave oven. However, in 1947, Raytheon Company constructed the second microwave referred to as Radarange for commercial uses. The aforementioned microwave was bulky, costly, and utilized many kilowatts of electricity unlike the modern one. Research concerning the development of a microwave that could be utilized in homes bore success in 1975 with the emergence of a microwave that survived a no load and had nothing to absorb microwaves.

This paper explicates the immediate and long-term uses of the microwave technology and the overall impact of the discovery.

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The discovery of microwave was a significant milestone for Raytheon Company because it got a chance to register it as a patent in the United States and furthered the research regarding the microwave. Thus, the microwave at that period of discovery, which was bulky, was put into immediate test in a Boston restaurant. However, its bulkiness and need for a plumber system for the cooling process, it was accustomed to several tests in order to improve its functioning. Consequently, an improved version was achieved and industries utilized them for drying several foods such as potato chips and peanuts. The microwave also facilitated precooking, defrosting, and tempering of meat. Other industries utilized microwave for drying cork, leather, ceramics, tobacco, pencils, match heads, wet books, and flowers (Roddy, 74). Thus, microwave had an immense impact on commercial use compared to domestic. According to research, microwave did not only influence the cooking industry, but also the communication industry. Research asserts that microwave was used in facilitating communication at long distances as early as 1947. It is indicated that a company christened Bell System was the first to utilize microwave networks for communication. This company set up a prototype that entailed microwave communications system through the repetition of stations that were separates by 30 miles. In 1960, research indicates that microwave resulted to the emergence of a variety of industrial and consumer applications after J.B Gunn discovered the potential of Gunn Oscillator and Imaptt diode to generate and amplify microwave signals.

The long-term use of microwave involves domestic and commercial cooking. This is because the microwave oven underwent several tests that a smaller version, which is economical, was achieved. The current microwave is said to consume less electricity than the older ones and do not have any complications. Another long-term use of microwave is by the military against enemies. Research intimates that this trend began in 1989, whereby several tests were conducted regarding the efficiency of microwave as a tool for combat. The military uses microwave technology in a technique to curb explosions. This is facilitated by use of EMP pulses. Another microwave technology employed by the military entails the high-power pulsed microwave that produces short instance of extreme pulses of microwave. Research asserts that some agencies use microwave technology in making humans their “slaves”. This takes place when agencies such as the Illuminate, Freemasons, Greek Society, and The Brotherhood employ behavior modification using an anesthetic (Pehl, 147). There methods used in this process are techno-savvy that leaves a person in question with amnesia. Such organizations have employed the use of microwave technology for quite a while, and they still use the technology as we continue to experience terrorism, abuses, murder, and torture advanced by these groups.

Research predicts that microwave energy will come in handy as a tool for disinfection technologies whereby it will be used for powering elctrodeless. The use of microwave energy for the aforementioned purposes is predicted to have high results than that provided by mercury, which causes disinfection system failures. The use of microwave energy in UV disinfection will work through utilizing microwave energy generated by a magnetron through a waveguide into quartz lamps. The benefits associated with microwave powered UV disinfection systems include quick start-up, less fouling, increased efficiency, flexibility in design, and safety. The WiMAX forms another future use of microwave. A retired Air Force Academy electrical engineer reports that in the future laptops will be sold with WiMAX interfaces just as they are sold currently with WiFi interfaces. The electrical engineer asserts that WiMAX has an advantage over WiFi since it will be readily accessible because it will be registered and utilized by telecom carriers without interference from other devices (Lindenmeier, 64).

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In conclusion, myriad impacts regarding the discovery of microwave technology abound. Microwave technology has both positive and negative impacts. The positive impacts include improved operational speed in its areas of application and improved quality. On the other hand, microwave technology has led to poor health effects among individuals. There has been a significant improvement in speed, in operations of microwave technologies such as the microwave oven. Individuals are able to prepare their meals faster compared to when they use other forms of cooking. Microwave technology applied in other sectors of the daily operations also ensure that speed is achieved hence leading to consistency in the delivery of the required results. Speed in various processed is vital as it ensures that people are on the run to achieving their desired goals.

The services provided by microwave-supported technology are of high quality. Microwave technology has tremendously improved the quality of the services delivered to individuals. This is because of the elimination of human involvement in the production and preparation of various services. For instance, foods cooked by the use of microwave ovens are of higher quality compared to those directly prepared by individuals. This ensures that people get efficient and the required quality of services in the society (Pehl, 53). Quality also ensures gradual transition of the society into newer ways of operations and increased innovativeness.

On the other hand, microwave technology has led to poor health effects among individuals. People have been exposed to negative health effects that have resulted in deaths or permanent injuries. This is because of the magnetic components that make up microwaves. Individuals are exposed to negative health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and lung diseases due to the continued use of microwaves. Microwave technology has led to many deaths due to the applications. Cases of diseases have been on the increase because of the application of microwave technology. Thus, microwave is negative as it leads to poor health conditions among individuals in the society. These diseases are incurable leading to difficulties and immense suffering among the affected individuals.