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The Consequences of Police Brutality

The degree of force the police can apply has always been the point for debates. The police was settled to prevent the violations of law and fairly punish those who are really guilty. Unfortunately, actions of police representatives do not always cover the original goals of this institution.


Legalization of Marijuana – Anything Good?

Cannabis Sativa commonly referred to as marijuana has been one of the most popular drugs for many centuries and it is still grown in many locations in the world. It is mainly known for its psychoactive effect as it has an ability to change mood and consciousness, but some scientists see advantages of its usage.


Massachusetts vs EPA

The Clean Air Act gives the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) the statutory authority to adopt and impose regulations aimed at protecting the public from airborne contaminants that have been established to be harmful to human health. Essential, such federal law was adopted with the main aim of controlling air pollution (Topping, 2014).


Hawar Islands (Qatar vs. Bahrain)

The international law is one of the complicated disciplines because it usually includes extremely controversial issues such as disputes about the territory and involvement of the third parties in a certain conflict.


Equality and Universal Rights in the USA

The paper explores general characteristics of the development of standards in the field of human rights, Bill of rights, the evolution and expansion of human rights in the United States from 1860 till today, modern standards of human rights, annual reports on human rights and the status of various groups in American society before the outbreak of the Civil War, such as common men, immigrants, native Americans, women, and Afro-Americans.


Edward Levi and Edward Coke

Edward Hirsch Levi was born on 26th June 1911 in Chicago, in the State of Illinois, U.S.A. He was an American law professor scholar and the 71st United States Attorney General.