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You have to understand how to write an argumentative essay since you will prepare such projects for almost every college course you take. Professors use these academic assignments not only as a way of testing students’ knowledge but also as valuable learning tools. When working on such a paper, you can develop your research, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. 

Understanding What an Argumentative Essay Is

An argumentative essay is an academic piece of writing, in which students have to take a stand on a specific topic or issue. To prove the view, the author has to gather relevant evidence and present it in a logical and coherent manner. The goal is to persuade the reader that the offered perspective is right.

As a high school and college student, you will write a good number of such papers. You will deal with different topics and disciplines. However, if you know the guiding principles of argumentative essay writing, you will cope with any requirements for your politics, science, literature, technology, history, or any other class.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step 

A standard structure for such papers allows the reader to follow the writer’s reasoning and understand the viewpoint. Your task is to make the most of each element and organize facts and assumptions effectively. If you are eager to create a strong paper, follow this argumentative essay format:

  1. Introduction. The opening paragraph has to provide the context. Give the background information necessary for the reader to understand your argumentation. Also, list the evidence you are going to use and present your thesis statement.
  2. The thesis. This element deserves special attention. A thesis is a summary of your argumentation. You will build the entire paper on this single sentence.
  3. Body. As a rule, you will need a few key ideas for your essay. Do not try to cover too much ground. Otherwise, such shallow arguments will affect the quality of your paper. A typical essay focuses on three-five reasons. You have to develop a separate section to discuss each reason in detail. Pay attention to the structure of paragraphs. Each paragraph has to include a clear topic sentence. All body paragraphs have to refer to the thesis. Use different types of evidence to support your viewpoint, including facts, statistical data, and citations from the literature. Create logical transitions between different parts of the paper. Be sure to include an alternative view. You do not have to agree with it. Furthermore, in the end, you will have to disprove it. “Then what is the point?” – you might ask. Discussing an issue from different perspectives will add credibility to your paper. It is a certain way to gain the trust and attract the attention of the intended readers.
  4. Conclusion. In the closing paragraph, restate your thesis in the light of the arguments discussed in the body. Do not introduce any new information in this part. Instead, appeal to the emotions of your readers. You can also describe your personal experience with the topic and share your observations.

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Using Argument Claims Effectively

Always start with the thesis. Once you have the main idea, you can easily develop claims to drive your essay. In most general terms, there are five types of claims:

  1. Fact: use a statement that is known to be true;
  2. Cause and effect: explain the connection between the reason and the result;
  3. Definition: provide a dictionary explanation and complement it with your interpretation;
  4. Value: explicate the significance of your argument in a larger context;
  5. Policy: urge the reader to take specific actions after reading your essay.

Now that you are well aware of how to write argumentative essay claims, we can move forward.

Working with Different Types of Arguments 

Aristotelian (classical), Rogerian, and Toulmin argumentations are the main methods used in such papers. Unless otherwise specified in the instructions, you can choose any argument. Just ensure you structure the essay according to the chosen type. Also, you can combine them and come up with your own approach.

In order to help you understand how to write an argumentative essay based on the specific method, let us discuss each type in greater detail.

  1. Aristotelian Classical. It is the simplest and most popular method of argumentative reasoning. It traces its history back to Ancient Greece where it emerged a few centuries ago. In this type, you will introduce the problem, present your opinion, and provide evidence to prove it. Such an approach might be effective in discussing simple matters or when communicating with an audience that does not have a firm stance with regard to your topic. 
  2. Rogerian. In this type, you have to give the context of the issue, describe both sides of the argument, take a side, and justify your choice. This method is used with highly polarized readers in order to achieve a middle ground on the topic.
  3. Toulmin. This method is based on three fundamental elements: the grounds, the claim, and the warrant. You make a claim, explain the grounds you used, and justify how the two are connected. This approach focuses on objective facts and requires a logical and gradual presentation of evidence. As a result, you ought to come up with a claim difficult to argue.

If you need to create a solid essay, you have to be able to arrange your evidence and present your ideas in a clear and understandable manner.  

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Now, we are going to discuss how to write an argumentative essay that can make a difference. When preparing a persuasive essay, you need to help the reader see the issue from your perspective. To convince anyone of the rightness of your vision, choose a trending topic, conduct holistic and comprehensive research, find good evidence, and use persuasive language.

Choose an Interesting Perspective on a Topical Issue

As you look through a list of possible topics, choose the one that is interesting to you. It has to be widely discussed in society and have at least two conflicting viewpoints. Both proponents and opponents have to possess strong evidence and logical reasoning. 

Once you have a fit topic, create a list of evidence for all parties to the dispute. Try to be objective and unbiased. When picking a side do not go along with the majority just because it is an easy and low-risk option. Find an interesting perspective that you believe in. Take the stand. You will use points from this list to explain the rightness of your choice and build your argument. 

Gather Enough Evidence

When looking for evidence, ensure you use only reliable and reputable sources. Study the topic holistically. To refute someone’s viewpoint, you have to understand it. Use reasonable ideas and facts and do not dramatize. Of course, you can appeal to emotions as a part of your argument but you have to operate on facts and examples. And remember, you are not acting but persuading. Therefore, stay calm and professional. 

Consider different types and levels of evidence. For instance, think about how your topic influences you, your community, country, and even the entire world. Use proven facts, statistics, and expert opinions. 

Craft an Essay

Once you gather enough information on the topic, you can finally start writing your paper. Persuasive essays follow a standard three-part structure: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You can decide on the length of the paper and each section on your own. Introduce your topic in the introduction. Explain your reasoning in the body. And summarize the entire discussion in the conclusion.

Present Both Sides of the Argument

It is crucially important to acknowledge the opposing view. Without it, it is not even an argument but an assumption or assertion. First, determine the strongest aspect of the opposition and explain it in your paper. Be objective and provide the facts without speculation. Second, assume this perspective is wrong. Third, present your viewpoint. Fourth, prove your thesis in reasonable detail. Work to refute the opposing argument using the evidence you have gathered in your research. 

Just Wrapping It Up

The conclusion not only summarizes your considerations but also draws the line in reason. After reading the closing sentence, the audience ought to have no doubts about the topic. You might use the last shocking fact or statistics that will leave no room for hesitation in the reader’s mind. 

Final Argumentative Essay Writing Tips 

It is high time to summarize our discussion, as well. These final recommendations will help you write a rational argument to persuade your reader:

  • Use argumentative language to make your reasoning rational.
  • Remember about the difference between logical reasoning and emotional appeal.
  • Use real evidence from trustworthy sources;
  • Cite all the borrowed ideas.

Here are a few tips to improve your writing:

  • Develop an outline with the main ideas before writing the essay;
  • Since you present your personal statement, write in the 1st person;
  • Create the list of references while researching the topic; 
  • Always proofread your paper before submitting it to your professor.

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to write an argumentative essay. Now, you are ready to start your own project. With a little time and effort, you will definitely succeed. But if you cannot work on your paper for any reason, consider ordering it from our academic writing company. 

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