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Empress Dowager Cixi in History

Empress Dowager Cixi, who was from the clan of Manchu Yehenara, was a famous woman, well known for her charisma., She had been able to control the Manchu Qing dynasty for about 47 years. This period lasted from 1861 to the time she died. Many descriptions can be put forward regarding this woman


9/11 Attacks

America has had a long history of the development. This history incorporates setbacks and successes. Successes have sidelined the setbacks due to proper policies and favorable political atmosphere for the development. America has been considering any factor that can affect its success.


Progressive Era Through the Great Depression

The Progressive Era through the Great Depression is an important issue for many historians, politics and scholars. It was the most distressing period in the world history. Many scholars assume that the Progressive Era has had an extremely great impact on the future history.


Henry VIII

The enigma of Henry VIII has disturbed several generations of people all over the world. This man was one of the most literate kings of Europe, a good musician, and a philosopher. However, he was known to the world as “Bluebeard” in the history of England.


EastCoast Hip-Hop from 1980/1990

While reviewing hip-hop at a more elementary level, it is a post-civil rights era product of the American culture. It consists of various cultural forms practiced by the African American, the Latin-American youth and the Caribbean-American during the periods between 1980 and 1990.


Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong

The Umbrella Revolution is a series of protests held in Hong Kong against the Chinese government that planned to take control of the region. It occurred after the British government signed a deal to provide autonomy and freedom to Hong Kong.