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Sociology Answers and Questions

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was more successful than the Voting Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960 because of several reasons.



Socialization is the processes, where human beings from their infancy period acquire norms, habits customs and ideologies.


Balancing Family and Work Life

Work and family are the two most important areas of human life. Increasingly, however, we balance between work requirements and family responsibilities, trying to solve arising problems with minimal losses. Over the past two decades, the modern family has undergone significant structural and functional changes.


Marriage, Commitments and Relationships

Marriage is a ritually recognized union of spouses that gives rights and obligations to them, and those with whom they have blood relationship (Chethik 23). It can be conducted for various reasons, which include: spiritual, emotional or even for religious.


Organizational Behavior: Group Dynamics

Group dynamics. Organizations are made of social beings; people have diversities, but as much as they are different, they have much in common. In a formal organizational setting, employees are bound together by the vision, mission, and objectives of the organization forming one major group.


Feminism Movements

Basically, feminism encompasses concepts and movements that have a mutual goal, which is defining, developing, and advocating for equal cultural, political, economic, and social rights of women. Moreover, it involves advocating for educational and employment opportunities for women.