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Unraveling Plagiarism in China

Modern day education ought to teach students on how to think in more abstract terms than it was when all systems were similar.


The Value of Education

Explaining the value of education to an individual is simple. Actually, the very reason why we can communicate with each other freely is due to education.


Public Schools versus Private Schools

Private institutions are controlled by individual groups, organizations, and agencies rather than the government.


Studying Hard: Is It Waste of Time While Others Pass by Doing Nothing?

With the development of capitalism, which greatly influenced human way of thinking and determined their life strategy, there appeared an idea that only those people succeed in life which have a good education.


Cultural Differences within Interpersonal Communication

Cultural sensitivity is the way of acknowledging existing cultural differences within interpersonal communication that makes the process of communication more effective and requires a lot of knowledge and skills.


Positive Psychology in Education

Modern society faces many challenges, fears, and emotions, which cause stress, depression, dissatisfaction with life, hesitation, and uncertainty about the future. Young people, namely students who are at the stage of self-affirmation and searching for their way in the life, are one of the most vulnerable categories.