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Law and Politics

In sociology of law written by Mathieu Deflem, chapter seven, eight, and ten deal with how law is related to economy, politics, and culture. Both laws and culture have interactions and they influenced each other in one way or the other.


"Modernization and Population Policy in Historical perspective" Article Analysis

The focus of the article is Russia and how a post-soviet state develops individual distinctive legal regimes, policies, migration policies, and practices of citizenship. Each soviet has become politically independent with typical rule of law.


Sociological perspectives of C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter Berger

While describing sociological perspectives regarding well-known sociologists, C. Wright Mills is among the prominent people that have greatly contributed to this assumption.


Law in Politics

There is a large gap between real law and formal law, law-in-action and law in books. As it is written, law gets selectively enforced, nullified and unrecognizably transformed as it is put in practice.


Whistle-blowing in the Government

Whistle-blowing is one of the emergent ways that enable the public to learn about the various illegal happenings in the government. However, there are diverse views that accompany it. There are those who see it as a source of democracy. Nonetheless, there are individuals who consider it as a negation of the government progress.


Interest in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bilateral relations of the USA and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started when diplomatic relations were instituted in 1933. Saudi Arabia’s exclusive role in the Islamic and Arab worlds, its strategic locality, and ownership of the globe’s largest oil reserves make its comradeship vital to the US.