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Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery service enables our customers to get a research paper or any other piece of academic writing in parts. Thus, clients get a perfect opportunity to keep control of the writing process of long papers (10+ page single-spaced and 20+ page double-spaced orders).

The cost of the service equals to 15% of the main order price. Check out how the advantages of the service outweigh all the possible disadvantages:

  1. Only the top-rated writers and editors are allowed to work on your projects.
  2. You will be able to keep a close eye on the writing process. In other words, you will be able to look through each section in detail and then send notifications and comments to the writer if there is such a need.
  3. You will be provided with an extended period of sending free revision requests – 30 days.
  4. A personal manager will help you during the process as well. He/ she will keep monitoring the whole writing process and make sure that clear and efficient communication between you and your writer is kept.

The Schedule of Sending Drafts:

  1. If you can give only 4 days or even less, then your writer will send you one draft. As a rule, such draft amounts to 25% of the total dissertation size and you will be able to download it after 50% of the time limit ends. To be more precise, if you have granted four days to your assigned writer to fulfill your 10-page single-spaced piece of writing, then you will be forwarded a draft on the second day and it will contain 2,5 single-spaced pages.
  2. If you allow 5-11 days for the paper writing, then you will receive two drafts in total. The first will have 25% of the required article content and will be provided after 25% of the target date terminates. The second draft will amount to 50% of the demanded information and will be delivered after 50% of the deadline period terminates.
  3. If you afford 12 days or even more for paper completion, you will receive three drafts: 25% of the required paper length will be forwarded to you after 25% of the time is over; 50% of the required paper length will be sent after 50% of the time limit cessation; and 75% of the required paper word count as the third draft will be provided to you after 75% of the deadline is over.

Our company also grants an extraordinary opportunity to our customers if they strongly need to modify the schedule of getting drafts according to their individual preferences or professor’s requirements. For instance, if more drafts are needed or there is a requirement to adjust the delivery frequency, you can always negotiate these concerns with your personal manager.

  • Summary

When you pay for a summary of paper, it means that your full paper will be briefly summarized in 300 words (=one page). Therefore, if you are required to give a presentation of the core ideas of your paper, this service is just for you.

  • Draft

You can buy either a 300-word draft if the paper is double-spaced or a 600-word draft if the paper is single-spaced. A draft is usually sent when 50% of the deadline is over.

  • Extended Revision

Get 14 days to be able to send free revision requests. Ensure your paper is written in a superb way.

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