Problem Solution Essay

Problem-solution essays

That kind of assignment is frequently used in colleges and universities. Here you can find the information about how to write a problem-solution essay,how to structure this type of essay and how to choose essay topic.

Definition of a problem-solution essay.

Problem-solution essays analyze the problems of a particular situationand give resolutions to those problems. They have the same structure as effect and cause essays. Those essays include such component as:

  1. Situation
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Evaluation


    • Pick how to create your writing.

The simplest way to organize a problem-solution essay is to describe the problem in the first paragraph and show your thesis. Introduce the resolution, give an explanation why it is the most likely one.

    • Continue thesis with examples and details.

Make a list of arguments which will support your ideas about the best solution to the problem.

    • Make a use of an analytical tone.

When you will write your plan, remember that you are appealing to people's ability to reason, but not for their sentiments. Show up the problem and possible solutions.

    • Write a clear summing-up.

In the conclusion, summarize your ideas about the problem and solution.

Writing a problem solution essay is one of the most popular tasks students face in their learning. Teachers provide their students with some information on the existing problem and ask them to produce a relevant solution. The number of problem solution essay topics is difficult to quantify. Students can use any issue imaginable to develop a solution and justify its value. The only thing to remember is that not all students can write good problem solution essays. Not all of them also know what a problem solution essay is. Thus, it is time for you to read our tutorial and see how you can cope with a problem solution essay on your own.

So, if your teacher asks you to write a problem solution essay, your primary task is to identify the issue you want to consider and resolve. A good problem and solution essay not only proposes remedies but also provides a detailed and persuasive description of the problem itself. That is, persuade your audience that the problem is urgent. Persuade your audience that your problem needs an immediate solution. So many things are required to produce a perfect paper. Not surprisingly, many students fail to produce a good problem solution essay on time. Look at the recommendations below and follow them when writing your problem solution essay.

First, include some important information about the problem you are going to solve. For example, you can include some statistics that say why the problem is relevant today. You may also want to discuss the effects of the problem on people. For example, how does flu influence public health and why is flu vaccination important to prevent health complications? Now that you have described the problem in detail, it is time to analyze it. Look at any problem solution essay example, and you will see how other students do it. Research your topic thoroughly. Use scholarly databases to obtain some relevant data to support your argument. You should be ready not only to justify the importance of the problem but also defend the relevance of the proposed solution. This will be the second part of your problem solution essay. You need to provide your reader with enough information to understand the causes of the problem in detail. Then, you will need to specify the criteria for a perfect solution. For example, should your solution be cost-effective, or you can implement any strategy, whatever the costs may be? You will use these criteria to persuade your reader that the proposed solution is the best possible. Once you are done with the solution criteria, list all options that are available to you, and choose the one you consider to be the most suitable one.

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