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How to write application essay

Writing an application essay is torture.

The most difficult thing is how to start an application essay. It is true that, once you write a couple of words or sentences, the process will go on its own. You will not even notice how your application essay becomes well organized, well-shaped, and well done. However, how to do it right? How to start an application paper? You will find answers to these questions here.

When it comes to writing an application essay, most students are worried that their application paper will not be as impressive and outstanding as they want. These worries are not unsubstantiated. Imagine that an application or admission committee reads dozens of application essays every day. Yours must be truly impressive and memorable! It must definitely stand out. This is the only way that you can draw the attention of committee members to your paper and give you a chance to win this academic competition. Follow our tips below to produce a mind-breaking application essay today.

Never reject an opportunity to do research

Think about what you want to become after you are accepted. Do not even assume that you will not pass. Every word and every sentence you write in your application essay must be written by a determinate winner. Why did you decide to choose this or that major? How will you contribute to the field? How will the field contribute to your growth and professional development? Be specific.

Never reject an opportunity to research your program
Your application essay – why are you writing it? What are your mission and intended result? Why did you focus on this particular program? Why do you believe it is different from other programs? You will probably need to read all information that is available about the institution of your choice and the program you plan to choose. You may need to attend college or university events. In either case, you must have a thorough understanding of the program itself and the reasons that justify your choice. You must be very compelling and persuade the application committee that this is the best program for you and, more importantly, you are the best candidate to enter this program.

Do not exaggerate things

Do not assume that your involvement in a business administration or philosophy major will help you in becoming a prominent space explorer. You must be realistic and reasonable. Evaluate your chances to translate the knowledge you gain in this program into real improvements. See what past graduates have accomplished and follow their example. Do not be selfish. Do not focus on your personality. Try to see yourself in an academic environment that fosters your growth but also requires that you contribute to it.

Never reject an opportunity to explore and advertise your personality

Who are you? Why are you better positioned than other candidates to be in this program or major? What are your life experiences? Why do you believe that you have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this program? What life experiences or anecdotes have led you to this particular program, and how can this program change the direction of your growth in life? Do not assume that you are perfect. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you will make in application essay writing. Everyone is a human. Application committee members want to see you as a human, too. Acknowledge your weaknesses and explain how the program of your choice will help you to become a better professional and a better person.

How to Write an Application Essay

Begin with the prompt

You will need at least five seven minutes to review and understand the requirements for your application essay. You may also need to divide the prompt into several elements and address each consistently, step by step. How does the prompt resonate with you? What do you think you need to include in your application essay to make it stand out among other papers? What is the essence of the prompt? What is the application committee willing to see in your application essay? Now take a break and return to your prompt in a while. Is there anything that surprises you? Is there anything that you did not notice at first? Do not hurry. You may need to read and reread the prompt to produce a superb, premium-level application essay. It will take time!

How to Write a College Application Essay? – Be organized

You might need extra time to develop a proper outline and organization for your application essay. It must be logical. You must not miss anything, but you must also be very concise. Remember that a typical application essay does not exceed 500 words. Imagine that your life is 500 words long – how will you describe it? Use life anecdotes to illustrate your points. The members of the application committee certainly want to see a person behind this piece of paper. Write gradually, step by step. No need to hurry. Then you will read the first draft and redesign it to make it perfect.

Do not tell – Show instead

You may have a difficult time selecting the most interesting anecdotes for your application essay. The situation is virtually the same as the one described in the previous paragraph. You will not be allowed to exceed the requested word count. Therefore, it will take some time and effort to select the most vivid anecdotes and unite them around some core message or theme in your application essay. Do not assume that everyone knows you as well as you do. Application committee members have never heard about you before seeing your essay. Your task is to create a full picture of your personality. You must be fit for the program for which you are applying. Prove it!

Keep an eye on your wording

When writing a college application essay, you must show a good mastery of academic vocabulary and forms. However, do not use language that is too sophisticated or advanced for your level. You must sound professional but not too complicated. After all, you are a down-to-earth personality who has the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the program of your choice. What else is needed here? Do not try to jump over your head. You will look comical rather than persuasive. Be reasonable and balanced. Keep yourself from doing unwise things in application essay writing.

Brevity is the key

Be succinct in every word and sentence. No filler words! You cannot afford it in an application essay as short as 500 words only. Use catchy phrases instead of advanced technical words. Use live language. Do not fall into the trap of dry academic terms and scientific assumptions that will bore your reader to death.

Bring similar ideas together to discuss in one sentence of the word

You will have to use compound sentences or complex sentences to express yourself in application essay writing. However, if you write several sentences that discuss the same idea, better unite them into a complex structure to avoid repetition and redundancy.

Ask someone for help

No one keeps you from requesting professional academic help. Ask someone you trust to read your application essay before submitting it. You are not in the best position to see the strengths and weaknesses of your application paper. You are not objective because it is your essay, and that is natural! Try to find someone who specializes in college application essay writing and ask them to revise your paper.

Complete a College Application Essay with Us!

Students contact us and say that writing a college application essay is the most dreadful and overwhelming task. Reaching success during the admission procedure seems to be a far-fetched idea, but you can easily overcome it. Admission writing has always been a challenging activity, especially nowadays, when students have to prove that they are the best candidates to be chosen by the admission officers. Learn about application writing techniques from our online writing tips.

If you need to submit a common application essay, obviously, you should not postpone writing an essay until the last hour. Your goal is to impress the members of the application committee with clear and up-to-the-point ideas. Therefore, you should follow all writing guidelines while working on your paper and strive to transform your admission essay into a masterpiece.

Application Writing Procedure

When it comes to college application essays, the admission committee can give you certain questions that need to be addressed in the paper. It is obligatory to cover all questions to the full and follow every single point from the task file. Do not think that adding some extra details will bring positive results. Admission officers will automatically reject your essay because if you cannot cope with the basic requirements, how will you succeed in college? Members of the committee hate wasting time on boring reading, and you will fail the application paper if you do not adhere to their rules.

For sure, all students do not like to write an application essay because this piece of writing influences one’s future. An application essay should clearly show that you are better than others. It can be shown only if you apply all your analytical and critical abilities, creativity, and positive thinking, as well as many other aspects that define success in application writing. Therefore, if you would like to stand out from the rest of the applicants, start writing your essay long before the deadline expiration.

Steps in Writing Application Papers

Many students do not understand that writing application papers differ much from common essay writing because all their future is at stake. In comparison to many other writing forms, application writing is different because a student has to follow very precise word count limits, include only those facts that admission officers want to hear, create an interesting body structure, etc. Therefore, even if you think that writing an essay is easy, you will change your mind after writing a college application essay. Completing application papers should be done in accordance with the following steps:

  • Creating an outline
  • Drafting
  • Text writing
  • Proofreading.

Online Assistance with Application Writing

We understand that far not all students are able to cope with the application process on their own. If you find it very difficult to write an application essay, do not hesitate to resort to professionals, who will do it for you. Our talented and well-versed writers know how to please the demands of admission committees. Even if you have got very complex instructions and do not think that it is possible to produce a well-written essay, outsource this writing task to our online writers and we will take care of your application process.