The Best 500-Word Essay Writing Tips for You

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How to write best 500 word essay

When you are working on a 500-word essay, everything may seem inappropriate and dark. However, you always have a chance to survive. It is the basic law of nature. Our 500-word essay writing tips were designed for those who want to succeed no matter what. Follow our recommendations and be the first to earn an A for your paper!

What Is a 500-word Descriptive Essay about?

In fact, it is no different from any other academic essay. It is a simple essay that consists of three basic academic writing components – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You may want to describe or discuss something. Just follow your professor’s requirements.

How Long Is a 500-word Essay?

Well, it is easy. It is really 500 words long. Generally, a 500-word essay will be written using Times New Roman 12, double-spaced. To make it 500 words long, you will need to write roughly 1.5 pages or a little bit more.

How do You Develop the 500-word Essay Structure?

Here you will need to review the basic components of a 500-word essay. A 500-word essay is simple enough to include just five paragraphs; nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it is a challenge. You may feel that you cannot realistically squeeze your topic into just 500 words. However, this is your task now, and you must accomplish it against all odds. See what components your 500-word essay must include and follow our recommendations.

Your 500-word essay will consist of the same components as any other essay or paper. Begin with an introduction, switch to body paragraphs, and wrap up the argument in your conclusion.

To be more specific:

  • Begin with an Introduction

In the introductory passage, you will introduce your readers to the topic. You must include a strong thesis statement, which will make the central claim or express the main thought of your paper. Every word and sentence that you write in your paper will have to be linked to your thesis statement. In addition, you will have to introduce the key components of your paper. Create a kind of roadmap for your readers, so that they know what to expect. Once you finish writing the introduction, you will provide your readers with a general idea and justify the importance of your topic. You will be ready to continue and write the body paragraphs only when you are done with the introduction. Do not forget that the introduction for your 500-word essay must be brief and informative. You do not need to go into unnecessary detail. Otherwise, you will overload your paper with the meaningless information.

  • Body of Your Paper

Now you are ready to work on the main component of your 500-word paper. Because your essay is relatively short, it is enough to divide it into 3 paragraphs. This way, you will have to outline the three most critical dimensions of your topic and devote one body paragraph to each point. Make sure that you use enough evidence and information to substantiate your claims. At the same time, do not go over the required word count. You will have to be very thorough in selecting words and evidence to keep your paper informative.

  • Conclusion of Your Paper

Now you will be very careful. The conclusion is probably the most responsible part of your essay. Your readers should finish reading your paper with a clear understanding of the topic and the implications it may have for them or anyone else. Thus, you will not simply summarize the main idea of your paper. You will also leave some space for critical thinking, welcome other ideas, or make a question for future studies.

How to Write a 500-word Essay?

One of the first questions asked by students is why they should limit themselves to 500 words when they can make as many as 2,500. The answer is quite simple. To begin with, your instructor does not want to spend too much time checking your work. Furthermore, it is a challenge for you. Try to face it with dignity. You must present your topic in just 500 words, no matter how broad or rich it is. Your paper will be judged and graded based on how well you cope with the assignment and remain brief and concise in writing.

Brevity is everything when it comes to writing a 500-word essay. When you are not allowed to write too many words, you will be more thorough in selecting the best arguments and incorporating the most reliable evidence into your paper. Besides, you will have to monitor the quality of your writing and thinking skills. Brevity will be your key to successful academic writing.

How to Use Brevity in Academic Writing?

Some tips below are provided for you to help you improve your writing.

  • Do not use any words to fill the space between sentences. You do not need it as long as you have just 500 words to express yourself.
  • Do not count words. Otherwise, you will never fit in the required word count. Focus on ideas first. Provide your readers with an informative and valuable argument. Do not make them feel bored. Do not waste your time. Remember that you only have 500 words, and you should use them wisely.
  • Do not deviate from the topic of your paper. You do not have any space for that! The more “water” you include in your essay, the less interesting it becomes. You do not want to see your readers give up your essay after the second or third sentence, do you? Then you will have to focus on the most important things in your 500-word paper. Make sure that your topic is narrow enough to make it suitable for a 500-word essay.
  • Do not make your sentences too long. They must be short and informative. Otherwise, you may find it more difficult to express your ideas succinctly. Your readers may also lose the thread of your discussion easily.
  • Do not use filler words and do not use sophisticated wording. Your writing style should be formal but easy enough to understand. Proofread and edit your 500-word paper to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Do not use passive voice or use it as a measure of last resort. It has become quite popular among students to use passive voice. Do not do the same mistake. When you are working on a paper, rely on active voice as much as you can.