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Socialization is the processes, where human beings from their infancy period acquire norms, habits customs and ideologies. These provide the individual with the skills that help them participate in the society they are brought up in; the process begins from the time a child is born and continues throughout the lifetime. The developmental years are the most important for the process of socialization, as children get to master language and grammar that enable them to interact with other people. Children learn a range of things during this time of their lives. They get to know the importance of interacting with others, as well as proper manners. During this, time one gets to know how to live in the society. There are cases when children are affected for the rest of their lives if they do not lead a normal childhood. This process is very important for human survival. Interacting with other people gives one a chance to learn new things and proper behaviors that will make them fit in the society.

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The story of Genie is a good example of why socialization is very important. Genie never had a chance to interact with her family members or play with other children of her age. She did not have a chance to learn how to use the potty, hence she never knew that a person needs to use the toilet. She relieved herself anywhere when she felt the urge because this is what she did during her formative years. This shows that lack of socialization deprives one of the normal life enjoyed by others. One behaves differently from those around them and does not fit into the society because his/her behavior is different from those of around him/her. Interaction also gives one basic life skills that helps them go through their daily lives.

Socialization is one of the most important processes during the formative years of children. For one, children get to learn how to speak and master language. Genie never learned how to speak and the only near communication she ever heard before being rescued was that of her father growling behind the door. This means that she never mastered any language, making it difficult for her to speak properly or learn to construct sentences. Through socialization, children get to learn how to speak and communicate with other people. This forms a good basis for further interaction with other people.

Socialization is also important for the survival of human beings because it gives one a chance of meeting their life partners, whom they procreate. Lack of procreation will mean a demise of the human race. It is, therefore, mandatory for everyone to interact with others before meeting their ideal partner with whom they can procreate. In the case of Genie, she has not had a normal life, where she could interact with people and get a partner with whom she can live with and have children. She never had children and her lineage will end with her. This would be the case if human beings never socialized. Isolating an individual, and cutting off any, contact is also not psychologically healthy. One can lose his/her mind form staying alone and not having to talk or see people from time to time. In the case of Genie, she used to spit on herself and scratch her body if anything upset her. She lacked the basic communication skills to express her feelings. Her form of expression was scratching and spitting; one herself may be a way of expressing her agitation. It is, therefore, important to socialize with others, not only to ensure that there is continuous human survival, but also to enable people to get the basic life skills that make life interesting.

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