Discrimination in American Society

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Discrimination in American Society

Trump is appointed to become the 45th president of the United States due to the elections that were held on November 8 2016. However, his victory came after a heated campaign that rocked the country with each candidate working hard to convince the American people of the perfection of their agendas. His victory is though historical and shocking to many since they did not foresee it. Trump has always been expressing his position, sometimes sounding favorable to the people and other times raising questions. For instance, he has publicly stated his plan to expel illegal immigrants, build a wall along the Mexico border, disregard women`s rights, and stage a war against the Islamists community. Due to these ideas, the presented discussion outlines the whole concept of discrimination, namely people being bound to be more racists, that will compromise women`s rights and cause the divided of society.

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People have Become more Racists because the President Shows Racism

Racism is a major challenge not only in the American society but among other nations and the world at large. From past times, America has been experiencing racial problems at diverse levels. The question of racism in America is far from getting a permanent solution. According to Ashcroft, A. (2016), the problem can be evident by police brutality against some persons and discrimination in service delivery due to the color of the skin. Such aspects among others have become the basis upon which a range of variables for life in America is determined. If the future portrayed during the presidential campaigns is fulfilled under Donald Trump’s rule, the Blacks are bound to face a great number of barriers with regard to economic and social matters. However, this is not a problem for the Blacks alone but also the Hispanics among other minority groups. Moreover, the position of Islamic community in the society is already vulnerable due to the rigid claims of Trump. Lately, the representative of the Council of American-Islamic Relations indicated that the environment in America is tense and particularly the Muslims are very anxious about their future (Ashcroft, 2016).

Evidently, the press has been in the frontline to publish Donald’s vision of American future through the commentaries, articles, and general timelines. That issue is that Trump is already the president irrespective of the numerous explanations of the outcome. The underlying fact is that many Americans accept Trump because they are racists, too. In other words, the Trump`s regime will give the racists an opportunity to enjoy their long desired beliefs.

Trump’s Presidency will Affect Women’s Rights

The statement on the rights of reproduction made by the Republican has raised concern. The audio tape on most sexual assault allegations and degraded the Trump`s comments about women made the last to favor Hillary Clinton, but this did not change the course of events. Donald Trump has provided few women with policy rights, but his behaviors raise concern on his sexual harassment attitude. He did not accept the allegations of sexual assaults saying that if his daughter becomes a victim of rape, he will not take any actions against the harasser, but he would advise her daughter to change her career or move to another organization. On the other hand, many women gave their vote to Trump in spite of his misogyny. Probably, their decisions were founded on the great number of fake news reports and pure lies. The policy that was developed by Donald Trump’s daughter on maternity would guarantee women a maternity leave payment during six weeks. His campaign focused on misogyny and demonizing color people. He is seen lacking respect for women, and if men in his team will follow his lead, they will be threatening in treating women as a faceless group.

The part of the apparent antipathy of cabinets that will be incoming towards women may be ignored by the government. The new president promised to pursue policies that exacerbate discrimination against groups that are already marginalized. His agendas include starting again the Affordable Care Act, which has assisted millions of people in getting health insurance, expanding the access to the affordable contraception, and defunding the planned parenthood which would reduce the access to the basic services of health care, mostly to low-income families and women.

The cabinet of Trump is predicted to disregard the needs and rights of women. White women will be straightly affected by this issue. However, queer and color women will be disproportionally influenced by the disparities of pay, and the poor will support Trump`s administration in terms of harmful economic and social plan concerning childcare policies that imply increased costs of healthcare.

Trump’s Presidency will Generate a Divided Society

After Trump was declared the president, hate crimes and bigotry have grown in number. For example, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were more than 800 instances of intimidation and harassment within ten days before elections of 8th November. Indeed, critics accuse Trump of being the advocate for xenophobia and Islamophobia, especially during the campaign period, and this is feared to amplify in his days as the president of America. In response, the recent days have seen a rise in episodes marked with Trump-affiliated graffiti that convey messages of hatred and threats against target minorities, namely Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics. It is evident that Trump has clear hatred against the Muslims associating them of terrorism.

The electioneering period saw an upsurge of hate crimes by 67% propagated against Muslim Americans, Jewish people and lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) as given by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Kellner, 2016). Besides, Trump’s agenda to build a wall between the US and Mexico has polluted the young minds of learners by proving them that the division is the way to better future. For example, a number of youngsters were spotted chanting ‘build a wall’ message (Ashcroft, 2016). Other students in Minnesota wrote on the wall ‘go back to Africa!’ and ‘Whites only’ messages. This is a dangerous path that young people of America are trending. It can be better described as a time bomb which can explode in the reign of Trump’s presidency. Indeed, critics argue that the days when ignorance in America will become deeply inculcated are soon to come, and the country will open its gates for an authoritarian period. It is no doubt that Trump’s presidency could mark dark times ahead with democracy at stake. The fragility of democracy is the product of divided rule, racism, abuse of human rights, and hatred.

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Discrimination against anyone ought to be condemned by all means possible. Ideally, discrimination bears racism, division, and hatred. Though a number of Trump’s ideas did not find a good response among the Americans including messages on racism, women`s rights, and general divide of the people, many others are argued to be relevant. It is, however, the duty of every American citizen to accept the challenge to fight for the rights of all individuals, regardless of the fact whether they are women, Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, or Hispanics.