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Article Reading Analysis

‘Engine of Liberation’ by John Steele Gordon

The article by Gordon is a perfect illustration of the vital role of technology in revolving the world. The author gives an analysis on how the United States has changed in terms of transportation (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). He focuses on the horse-carriage that was common in history. The invention of the automobile, however, brought several transitions to the citizens at large. Gordon comments that the development of the automotive system displays the liberation that the American’s love. In other words, they desire a lifestyle that has no limitation in all its dimensions.

There is an idea that Gordon advances that is of great interest to me. In his analysis, he presents the idea that the request for liberation is a popular culture that continues in every part of the world. The author cites numerous examples to support his claim. Development of mobility has a link with the development of suburbs (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). I believe that his perspective is valuable. The horse carriage was a timely source of transport, nevertheless, it was not liberal. In essence, one could only move to the extent that the stallion could move. Moreover, long distance journey was a challenge to most citizens. Consequently, people only went for the critical expedition. Moreover, people need a lot of physical strength in order to drive a carriage.

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It is apparent that the engine of liberation brought freedom to women. In the past, men had to do all the movements because of their stamina. Nonetheless, the automobile gave freedom for all. Thirdly, the engine propagated the emergence of suburbs. Geographical location was no longer a confinement. They could spread to the extent of choice. There were roads and pavements that were constructed to facilitate the transportation. Gordon further depicts the impact that these forms of technology had on the world of advertisement. Initially, ad was wordy and not attractive. However, the evolution led to punchy and visual style. It is for a reason that people could access many areas. Consequently, they had to strategize how to create a way of promoting products that could have a lasting impression. Thus, competition becomes a factor that business people had to contend.

The concept of liberation using the automobile is critical to my understanding of the popular culture. The world is in a continuous state of evolution, and he quest for flexibility is real. Globalization is an in-built thing. People desire a life that allows one to connect with all and sundry. The ideology affirms perception concerning technology, as it aims at making work easier. In fact, it ends the burden that we have to do with our physical strength.

The article is critical in helping me understand other instances in the modern world. For example, the emergence of internet has brought a lot of liberation in communication. People would rely on messengers to pass information. It would take a lot of time. There was no freedom in speaking, however, the introduction revolutionized it. It has brought much ease. For example, people chat all day long. Hence, the world has become a small village. The concept of electronic commerce is evident. There are online businesses that go on, for example, people in Africa can purchase items through the Internet. Moreover, advertisement has become a manageable task. There are different social networks that act as an avenue for product promotion, namely Twitter, Apps, and Facebook among others. The customers can give responses about the products. I reaffirm the fact that Gordon’s article is fundamental to my compression of the current manner of life.

Data-Driven Life’ by Gary Wolf

Wolf describes the data driven life in a manner that attracts the mind of an individual. He explains the fact that we are prone to make errors in what we see and make judgment concerning various issues (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). In other words, there is a stream of attention that we are yet to have its full capture. The author acknowledges that the limitation is a disadvantage to us, as it helps us to make partial decision concerning any information. However, the concept of the technological advance has brought tremendous changes to mankind. He looks into the history relating to the different ways in which people track things. There has been no success in their processes. In particular, the emergences of electronic sensor and social media platforms have been critical in advancing our lives.

There is an idea that interested me regarding the article. Wolf explains the concept of the ‘qualified self’ in an informative manner. For example, one can check if the intake of coffee brings sufficient stimulation to the concentration cycle. The ‘quantified self’ concept enables a person to organize and jot down the data and, therefore, make appropriate changes (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). As a result, the correlation that a person comes up with is valid and deserves its implementation.

The concept is fundamental because it improves the process of decision-making. There are many health and social decisions that we have had in the past. One makes such choices by depending on reasoning or the knowledge that he/she gains from reading. Nonetheless, there is at times no specific data to verify our claim. Consequently, the data- driven life is an opportunity for us to access and quantify ourselves. It is a leap towards proper judgment. In fact, there are studies that are ongoing on how one can add fitness to the data are imperative. The culture is likely to enhance our well-being. It is needless to note that there are many instances that we need to make appropriate choices.

I think the article changes my perception on the popular culture. In essence, I used to believe that the decision that people make are valid. My discernment was definable by the properties of the mind to store information. However, it is apparent that there are many factors that need consideration. The data-driven life seems to be the answer to the uncertainties that people face in life. For example, there are many alcoholics in the world today. The taste of the drug attracts people, thus, they do not how to stop it. In fact, there are many who are finally forced by health circumstances to avoid its intake. I believe that if there is a quantified self-measurement for the drug, then one can decide on the method of ingestion.

It is also evident that the system can help people to generate ideas that are useful. For instance, since childhood, an individual has had many thoughts spring up in one’s mind. A person can choose to keep a living and detailed archive of the ideologies. He/she can draw a lot of benefits from it. There can be many entries, but they act as a guide on the extent of his reasoning. The philosophies can be tagged with dates, time and location. In the later stages of life, they can be broken into elements used for cross referencing. The system will ensure the society has a breed of genius. People can come up with valid ideologies and refer to them for future application. Data driven life is the key to a purpose driven lifestyle.

The Judgment of Thamus’ by Neil Postman

Neil Postman is one of the most radical people who bring a different perspective in regard to technology. According to him, there are many negative impacts of machinery on the society. In essence, he does not promote application of such advancements. The author uses a critical picture of the story of King Thamus of Egypt and God Theuis. He exposes the self-controlling nature of technology that is apparent in the society (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). For example, Thamus criticizes Theuth’s discovery of writing. He believes that it encourages him to rely on external symbols rather than his inward memory. Consequently, one gets to have mere information rather knowledge. Postman emphasizes that using the mind allows one to own an issue. Postman further indicates that the effects of technology are unpredictable.

The theory that is of concern to me entails the thought that machinery is self-controlling and negatively impacts the society (Petracca & Sorapure, 2012). It is evident that Postman propagates an issue that continues to face controversy in the current world. For example, there is a need for balance on the application of technology in the school setup. Technology has been detriment to the learning process. Scholars cite several instances of academic plagiarism that students engage in. They also reveal how the social media has diverted the attention of most students. It is evident that learners spend approximately two-third of the twenty four hours chatting in the Facebook and Twitter among other tools. However, the positive impact can also not be left unmentioned. Currently, online learning is a reality. There are students in Africa who get degrees by attending classes via the Internet. The resource materials are also accessible.

Postman’s ideology is vital to me because it stretches my view of thinking concerning technology. I am a great proponent of inventions. I never focus on the unconstructive impact. I deem it as one of the evolutions that make the world a better place. In fact, I consider my forefathers to be people who did struggle a lot with their lives. However, Postman makes me change my perception concerning the popular culture. It is possible that technology may not answer to all things. I am developing a mature mind to assess all forms of expertise before their utilization. A practical example that comes to mind is the use of microwave. It is a device that is helps in warming food within a short time. For example, when the food is cold, it takes less than two minutes to warm it. However, it is apparent that the mechanism of the equipment is detrimental to the health of an individual. Microwave uses the water and nutrients from the food to run itself. As a result, the warmed food is void of nutrients. The example depicts the destructive impact of the facility. However, I must admit that Postman seems to be overly negative concerning the system. He does not recognize the variety of benefits that we have attained from the inventions and innovations (Grant, 2013). Postman, in my view, is calling the attention of the society to exercise restraint in technology.

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It is evident from three discussions, that technology has brought numerous changes to the livelihood. However, the scholars express different perspectives. Gordon elaborates on how the introduction of automobile revolutionized the United States. It was an engine to their liberation. Wolf exposes the data driven life. The quantified self-concept is primary for the human improvement. Postman, on the other hand, depicts the destructive consequences of technology. He believes in the application of the mind. The three readings are informative, as they advance one’s knowledge on the subject of sociology.