Sociological perspectives of C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter Berger

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Sociological perspectives of C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter Berger

Sociological perspectives of C. Wright Mills

While describing sociological perspectives regarding well-known sociologists, C. Wright Mills is among the prominent people that have greatly contributed to this assumption. According to Mills perspective, he inserts that people generally need a quality of mind that can be effective in using information and generating reason so as to attain lucid summations based on the issues taking place in the world as well as what happens around the individuals. Mills’ ideas on sociological imagination allow its possessor to fully comprehend the extensive historical scene in the basis of its definition for the inner life as well as understanding the external career for the individuals. Thus, mills believed that the aspect of power in sociological imagination to relate on issues related with personal troubles is advocated on how the individual thinks (In Scott & In Nilsen, 2013).

While Mills regarded sociological imagination assisting individuals cope with the relevant socio world through allowing them to make better assumptions beside their own self-centered and personal view about the world. Through the application of Mills ideas on the sociological imagination, people are forced to simply perceive and affiliate the social structures that mainly influence attitudes, behavior as well as the social culture. In addition, the decades later after mills, several scholars have employed his terms to broadly describe the entity of the sociological approach in another perspective; however they are using his ideas. Thus, this has made it possible in understanding some common socio outcomes that are mainly shaped by the social actions in that similar context.

Mills writes concerning the Cold War and evaluating on the various aspects that led to the conflict. In that perspective, he writes concerning the assumption of communist revolutions all over the world. Thus, he explains the explicitly regarding the philosophy and material interests of elites as well as the issues concerning the evolvement of militarism solutions. He gives diverse views regarding the emerging automation of office work as well as the effects this automation on workers and organizations (In Scott & Nilsen, 2013).

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Sociological perspectives of Karl Marx

Karl Marx’s perspectives are based on the early stages when there was an intrusion of capitalism in Europe. Marx generally believed that the individuals that owned those industries were just capitalist and their main assumption was to operate the businesses and make pursuit profits. According to Marx, the system of capitalism made most people of the society sale their labor in return they were paid wages. This system in that context resulted to issues which basically inverted class conflict that was articulated between the labors and capitalists. In that context, Marx also believed could result to feelings of alienation for the labors whereby the workers experienced isolation and misery due to the powerlessness feelings. Thus, the only approach toward that issue was to reorganize the entire society since he imagined that the structure of economic production was helpful in giving the needs of all society members. According to his views regarding and thinking, socialism was the way forward in presuming the failings of a capitalist structure (Furseth & Repstad, 2006).

Marx perspectives mainly address the issues regarding to the conflict theory and the issues that resulted into conflicts between the capitalist and the workers in the society. Thus, it is evident that the issues of exploitation and social classes led to the conflicts among the two groups. His contribution regarding this aspect led into change since Marx came up with effective ideas on how to solve conflicts in society (Furseth & Repstad, 2006).

Sociological perspectives of Peter Berger

Berger’s perceptions are mainly based on issues related to humanity in society. Thus, his ideas mostly reflect on humanistic sociology and this is consistently advocated in tow basic ideas: lies and debunking illusions that discuss on the modes of how individuals reasoning regarding humanities. Thus, Berger’s characterizes the various issues that are connected to humanistic version of sociology. Berger’s ideas basically advocate how sociology develops its moral justification from aspects that relate to debunking of the perceptions of fictions that aid as alibis for oppression. Suggestively, his views are singled out that racial persecution, the views mainly liberates by enabling a standing outside roles of society and thus understanding of one’s freedom.His ideas mainly focus the meaning of freedom in society and also he signifies the need for the freedom. In addition, his general ideas have always been used by different scholars from his time and this indicates how their perceptions are applicable when it comes to issues relating to power and control in society (Berger, 2013).

In conclusion, it is evident that Sociological perspectives of C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter Berger mainly focused on the various aspects that impacted the society. This incorporates issues with individual’s behavior, attitude among other elements that results into conflicts or change in a particular dimension. Thus, they extensively analyze the power and control of individuals as they address issue formulated fro emergence of power and how power is controlled in society. In addition, the sociologist ideas address how those in power in some context exploit others through the use of power. For instance, based on Marx ideas indicate that the capitalist could take advantage of others in order to make them richer.

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