China Benefits the USA’s National Interests

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China Benefits the USA's National Interests

In the present time, the USA, Russia, and China are the leading countries in the world due to their economic progress, influence and endless possibilities. Moreover, these countries dictate their visions of the development of innovations, trade, military technology and economy. The relationships between them prove that they want to hold their hegemony and create challenges for each other. The USA is more concerned about progress in the economy and innovative technologies. Russia tries to innovate their military power. As to China, it is progressive in trade and economy. There is a thought saying that Russia is more important to the USA’s national interests than China. However, it is false, as China and the USA have more shared interests. Consequently, this research paper intends to prove that Russia will not benefit the USA. Moreover, it shows that China is more important to the USA’s national interests.

Chinese Collaboration Will Benefit the USA

Without a doubt, Chinese collaboration will benefit the USA due to the similarities in their priorities and directions of growth. First, China and the USA are looking for the partners to save their hegemony and impose their role on other economies and cultures (Harvey, 2005). For example, South Korea, Japan, and Russia are the major economic partners of China, promoting the expansion of their trading and investment agreements. As to the USA, Asia is their partner for providing weapons. From the first side, one can think that China and the USA are competitors. However, indeed, they complete each other through their differences in partnerships and economic priorities. Consequently, the USA and China can exchange their model of collaboration.

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China restructures its economy to balance inequalities, allocate social spending and develop the interior. The USA can adopt this practice, as their economy demands reconstruction and revitalization. The USA tries to rescue the financial sector that is plundered, without impacting productivity, competitiveness and employment (Wade, 2013). As a result, the Chinese investments can simplify this process and make it more efficient. The disadvantage of this collaboration will be in the competitiveness for the leading hegemony in the world. As to the USA, it always insists on their trajectory of growth and development. China, as well as the USA, invests in infrastructure, education and health care. Moreover, both countries concentrate their attention on manufacturing and exporting goods abroad.

The similarity between the USA and Russia is the desire to involve their countries in unending wars relying on the political subversion. However, it does not mean that both strong military countries can be partners and have common interests. As to China, it has the access to the raw materials as well as the USA. “Washington uses their domestic economy to finance overseas wars” (Wade, 2013, p. 3). It makes the USA feel superior and see others as subordinates. Consequently, China is the more suitable partner for the USA, as Russia also uses its power to act as an invader to hold the hegemony (Saunders, 2011).

Another reason for the collaboration of China and the USA is the fact that both countries practice extraction and exploitation of resources from poor countries for enrichment, expanding the domestic job market and developing manufacturing. It is evident that the USA and China are economically and financially rich and influential in the world (Lawrence, 2013). Despite the difference in the directions of the development, these two countries can combine the U.S. military power with Chinese progress in manufacturing and economy (Genest, 2003). For example, the USA sends their troops to the Middle East, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Africa. It means that China can multiply their military power through the collaboration with the USA (Bergsten, Gill, Lardy, & Mitchell, 2006).

As to China, it dominates in manufacturing, implementation of the innovative technologies and providing investments of over $25 billion dollars (DeLeon & Jiemian, 2014). One should mention that China is especially successful in such investment projects as building infrastructure, mineral extraction, assembly plants and energy production. Such dominance of Chinese market only reinforces its reputation in the global market and attracts such countries as the USA and Russia to collaboration. Another peculiarity of China is involving only in peaceful economic activities (Ikenberry, 2008). The common geostrategic objectives of the USA and China prove that China can benefit the USA’s national interests. However, these countries use different means to achieve their goals.

The power of the USA in the military technologies and its image as the country with weapons will benefit China. Moreover, this partnership can unite two different cultures through common businesses. One should mention that collaboration between Russia and the USA is not justified. First, the USA struggles against terrorism and is for peaceful international relations. In Russia, terrorism is a frequent phenomenon. However, the Iraq War, the Israeli-Arab War, and Syrian conflicts prove that the USA follows its geopolitical interests. Consequently, China cannot be the U.S. supporter in the military affairs.

It is necessary to mention that the growth of the innovative technologies can benefit the collaboration between the USA and China. China is a good example, as it invests in the development of technologies and competitive exports. China has already had the excellent results, such as 35% of economic growth and $59.1 billion profits from foreign investment during six months (Harvey, 2005). Chinese achievements are evident in trade agreements and investments of multi-billion dollars in Iran, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru to have access to the mineral resources, strategic energy and agricultural resources (Hills et all, 2007).

The similarity of the USA and China refers to the interest in investments. For example, Washington provides the military aid of $6 billion to Columbia. It is a way for denouncing Bolivia and Brazil for backing a military coup in Honduras, supporting economic ties with Iran and securing seven military bases in Uribe. As to China, it also supports the expansion of its military hegemony and military relations with the USA. However, the problem is that both countries cannot guarantee mutual respect, quality, trust and reciprocity to each other (McGiffert, 2009).

The Collaboration with Russia

As to Russia, it cannot benefit the USA’s national interests. First, their collaboration will not bring the positive changes for both sides. Secondly, Russian government will prevent the USA from interferences in the domestic and foreign relations and cooperation with Moscow. Thirdly, the Russian policies are corrupted due to its orientation on the old-fashioned traditions of the Soviet Union. Fourthly, collaboration with Russia will mean violation of the U.S. national values and interests.

Frans Shor states, “the geopolitical role of the United States, operating under the disciplinary regime of military neo-imperialism, may be seen as an effort to shore up fading economic hegemony” (Harvey, 2005, p. 180). It means that the USA has achieved military hegemony. As to Russia, it is also military dominant. Consequently, the collaboration between them is impossible. Russia has lost its economic hegemony after the fall of the USSR. Absolute military power of the USA can sharpen the relationships with Russia.

One can say that there is a hidden growing geopolitical conflict between Russia and the USA, as both countries are powerful and influential. There is a competition between them as they follow similar interests, such as achievement of the military growth and development. Russia can displace the USA, by extending its territory and becoming an absolute military country. Russia is rich in oil. As to the USA, its natural resources are poor comparing to Russia. Consequently, the USA is involved in Syrian conflicts. The need of the USA for natural gas and oil is evident due to its operating in Central Asian Countries. Moreover, the competition in military power can lead to geostrategic conflicts.

One can distinguish the following reasons that will prove the impossibility of the partnership between the USA and Russia:

  1. Russia and the USA have diverged national interests; therefore, their collaboration will not bring the substantial results and is unpractical.

  2. Russian and American values are different; therefore, their cooperation will be costly for the U.S. principles.

  3. Russia has the reputation of the interlocutor, unreliable and a difficult partner unable to deliver results on important issues (Saunders, 2011).

The differences of the national interests between the USA and Russia make their collaboration impossible. Without a doubt, there are common interests between them but it is not enough for them to create a partnership. These interests include sustaining the world economy, slowing the spread of nuclear weapon, promoting international energy system and combating terrorism. Another difference between the USA and Russia is that the USA prefers advancing their national interests rather than U.S.-Russian relations. Moreover, the USA can confront Russia in any time to achieve goals and priorities (Saunders, 2011).

Another difference between the USA and Russia is the political system that prevents Americans from collaboration with Russians. The key responsibility of the USA is to ensure prosperity and security of the American people. Moreover, the USA is ready to collaborate with the undemocratic governments, when the national interests are at stake. Consequently, enhancing energy and combating terrorism are the key objectives that unite the USA and Russia. Long-term prospects and unreliability of the Russian government deter the USA from the collaboration and cooperation. Moreover, Russia is considered not an easy partner, who feels its superiority through vast energy reserves, nuclear arsenal, highly developed scientific establishments and still military power in Eurasia. However, such challenges as massive corruption, dilapidated infrastructure and low life expectancy put Russia in the shade, comparing to the USA and China (Saunders, 2011).

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In conclusion, one should say that the USA should collaborate with China as a partner. First, both countries have leading positions in the world, powerful economy and orientation on the innovation and globalization. Secondly, the USA has military hegemony, and China has economic hegemony. Consequently, they can combine their strength and become partners. In addition, China is a manufacturer of the computer technologies that are exported to the USA. One can say that there is already a tie between these countries. The geopolitical and economic growth of China will encourage the U.S. to the revitalization of the economy.

As to Russia, the USA cannot collaborate with it due to the common military hegemony. Moreover, the U.S. and Russian interests are diverged. These countries have different values that can be controversial. The USA and Russia are competitors especially when it comes to the global hegemony and influence on other countries. The USA, China and Russia are the dominant countries in the global market, but it does not mean that they can collaborate effectively. Differences in the political systems prove that Russia does not benefit the U.S. interests.