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The paper focuses on mass incarceration of minorities and explores the issues that have led to the development of this problem. The aim of this research is to draw attention…
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the whole world’s Communist system, the human civilization had real hope for the further peaceful life in new democratic society.
The term “diaspora” means a community of people who live outside of their home country and the country of origin of their ancestors, but maintain the connection with it.
The Columbus Exchange refers to the era in history that marked biological and cultural exchanges between the Old and New Worlds. The exchange period is documented to have started as…
The history of medieval European states was significantly influenced by plenty of confrontations between the state, which was represented by emperors, and the church that was represented by the popes.
The main theme of this research project is analysis of major characteristics of theatre and set design from 1500-1700. The work includes discussion of a significant impact of Renaissance, Enlightenment,…
Lord Curzon was appointed the Viceroy of India in January 1899. He succeeded Lord Elgin. Lord Curzon had two consecutive terms to preside over the Indian empire and was expected…
Anwar El Sadat became the President of Egypt on October 15, 1970 (Thomas and Youssef 115). From the beginning of his presidency, Sadat pursued a different approach in policy than…
The postwar foreign policy of Japan was marked by the noticeable changes. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this country came to face the new tendencies in the international…
The issue of racial inequality has bred controversy in the United States, and this began in the ear of slave trade and slavery in the South whereby white farmers used…
By definition, accruals represent accountants’ estimated values meant for the alignment of costs against revenues within a given period of time. It is widely agreed that accruals could only be…
The Dodd-Frank Act in the banking sector has come out to be the biggest re-write of regulations in the area. This legislation has detailed some provisions aimed at preventing an…
Ethics is a broad topic, and giving a clear definition for it can be quite difficult. Companies introduce flexible policies concerning ethics.
Humans are required to act constantly in an ethical manner and show respect and dignity to other people. In fact, individuals can demonstrate that they lead a moral life through…
Haier is fast becoming one of the world’s largest and fastest growing household appliance manufacturers. It has aggressively pursued expansion strategies in North America, which has enabled it to grow…
St. Regis Resort is a popular chain of hotels run by Starwood Hotels. It has opened resorts in different countries, including England, Dubai, China, and Mexico among many others around…
Flextronics International Limited is a company that was founded in 1969. It was trading for twelve years before going public after it had been bought by three investors.
The XIX century is characterized by the revival of handicraft. Thus, many artistic figures of the time have spent much time being busy with this kind of art.
In art, every movement and stream is associated with a range of factors stemming from different spheres of life such as economy, culture, and society.
Meaning “apartness” in Afrikaans, apartheid is the ideology promoted by the National Party in South Africa in 1948 (South African History Online, 2016).