Locsin’s Technological Competency

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Locsin’s Technological Competency Nursing Free Essay Sample

Concise Overview

The theory pertains to the acknowledgment of individuals as participants in their care process as opposed to mere objects of care. This inculcates active engagement and knowing persons, which is a vital process in the nursing process. For a nurse, the process of knowing the other person will encapsulate the use of technological competence as well as offering care to them. In this context, technology plays an integral role in enabling a greater sense of knowing (Parker & Smith, 2014). The technology can also be used to bring the patient closer to the nurse. Besides, the theory is premised on the simultaneity paradigm where people are perceived beyond the sum of their parts. This is based on the assumption that nursing is a discipline as well as a profession while technology is vital for the wholeness of persons.

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Personal Stance and Opinion

From a personal perspective, the theory insinuates that there is a key correlation between the use of technology and hands-on patient care. For this reason it is vital for nurses and medical practitioners to be technology savvy as this helps them in understanding the patient. In fact, this is a depiction of the preservation of humanity within a technologically advanced world. In this regard, the theory lays emphasis on the importance of having an authentic desire to have a better and precise understanding of humans and treating them like humans beings. Nevertheless, it ought to be the prerogative of a nurse or medical practitioner to use their creative and imaginative ways so as to understand a person.

Usefulness of the Theory

Locsin’s technological competency theory is useful in practice because it lays emphasis on developing a connection with a patient. This can be attributed to the fact that the proponents of the theory inculcate a nursing practice that lays emphasis on efficiency in practice. In this regard, the medical practitioners embracing this theory acknowledge the importance of conceptualization of wholeness, which is a key concept in nursing (Parker & Smith, 2014). Moreover, the fact that the theory is premised on technology shows that it is in line with the tenets of contemporary health care. In fact, according to the theory, technology is important because it plays a major role in shaping the deliberate understanding of persons. This enhances the relationship between a patient and medical practitioner (Alligood, 2014). This is why the theory is useful especially within the realm of medical practice. In fact, the usefulness of Locsin’s technological competency theory stipulates why nursing practice ought to be grounded in this theory.

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Applying the Theory to a Scenario in Life

Suppose a predicament where a patient has visited a medical facility to seek medical attention. A nurse will apply Locsin’s technological competency theory by first knowing and understanding the patient (Alligood, 2014). The nurse can even use technology to magnify any individual aspects that require further revealing (Parker & Smith, 2014). Most of these technologies are primarily machine technologies that ought to be used in meeting the demands of nursing care practices. An example is the use of computers or gadgets. Nevertheless, while applying the theory, the knowing process is important because every person is dynamic and cannot be predicted. The next process is designing a care process that commensurate with the patient’s care requirements. Subsequently, the nurse will be participating in appreciation and later verifying knowledge obtained from a person. However, while applying this theory, it is important for nurses to understand that the use of technology in this context can be used to either bring the patient closer to the nurse or increase the gap between the two (Alligood, 2014). In this regard, it is the prerogative of a nurse to always ensure that they use the technology effectively and harmoniously. This is important in ensuring a harmonious coexistence between caring in nursing and technologies.