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Leadership and Ethics on my Lai Essay Sample

Ethics refer to desirable connotation of commands and behaviors that are exercised by people in and out of leadership. They refer to the codes of conduct that reflect on the goodness and/or badness of a conduct in the human society. The essence of ethics or ethos is to explore equitable and universal human behavior and conduct that benefits the greater population in the society and organizations. Leadership is a fact that explores a variance of ethical connotations and exemplifications by the person involved. In many societies and human interactions, the characteristics that make a good leader are laid in the triangle of ethical standards that become a requirement when at the point of leadership . Failed leadership could result in dangerous instances like this of Vietnam massacre.

The essence of having ethical leadership is to implement the desire and urgency for all members of the society to be part of dominance and leadership in any given field of human life. The ethical theories as regards leadership explore on the urgency of leaders to be within a certain state of conduct or behavior and actions that help to reiterate the urgency of coexistence. As demonstrated in My Lai, leadership ethics are benchmarks that recap on the importance of having a stable state leadership, which transcends all the states of human actions and interactions in the society. Every human behavior is a facet of ethical exemplifications in and out of the organization at hand. My Lai leadership traits among the leaders include dignity and respectfulness, justice, serving others, community building, and honesty.

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Leadership failure

Ethical exemplifications are essential for leadership in many diversifications. The presence of equitable strategies or entities of management are an added advantage to the ascendancy and leadership of any given society in the world. The essence of having ethics is to enable leadership have boundaries and marking points where people will be reached in service and dedication. As shown by My Lai foundation, leadership failures are a directive that takes the form within a failed ethical pillar in any organization. Leadership failures have happened in the world because it becomes easy to have a foundation of human interaction and actions without making use of the available foundations.

Leadership failure results from lack of the desire to serve others within the leadership structures. The desire to serve others is innate, reflects the capability of the leader to respond to the calls, and needs from the people being led. In many instances, human activities have taken the form of thwarted pathways because leaders have failed to be real examples when it comes to serving others. Within the domain of leadership, failure to institute a universal service among the people being led reflects a failed form of leadership. The demonstrations in My Lai reflect the state of leadership where the respected people are not served as they are expected. In the end, what is exemplified is a failed form of leadership in the society.

Failed leadership results when the leaders do not possess the traits of being trusted and independent to the people being led. This facet is instrumental in many forms of leadership in the world. For instance, leaders who lack trust and competitive abilities in leadership will result in failed forms of leadership. The essential forms of governance and management enables the present trends of management to lack trust and reliance from the people being led. In many scenarios, it becomes easy to have a palatable ground of leadership when the present leaders lack ethical steps of leadership like trust and dependence. My Lai offers an exemplary demonstration of failed leadership stemming from the incapability of the leaders to be at the forefront in leadership and management.

Command climate failure

Within My Lai, there are several instances of failed climate command in leadership. The essence of having a command in leadership is to be able to reflect on the innate desires and relinquished measures of management among the people. The essence of having a grounded performance in growth and development is to have leadership that reflects on the immediate values of the people. Command is earned from the people being led. In order for the leaders to be at a good ground of management, they are supposed to restore spirited mechanisms of growth and management in order to reflect a directive from the leadership mantle. Nonetheless, this is lacking in the structures of leadership in My Lai. Measures of leadership and management do not have retrospective measures that will enable the leaders to be in a good control of command from the people. However, the few instances of equitable command do not stand trial because of the ethical amplification that do not stand all chances of exploring a good atmosphere of governance and management among the people.

Was it preventable or predictable?

Many instances of failed leadership in My Lai were predictable and preventable. Leadership trust and independence are visible to be skewed among many leaders who come close to managing people. The aspects of insufficiency of controlling leaders who appear to be against the ethical prescriptions are void and lack requisite mechanisms of control. Such aspect of poor leadership would have been controlled and prevented among the leadership structures. Moreover, it was possible to halt occurrences of malpractices that appear to thwart on the normalized management of the available resources in the society . Many avenues of leadership and ethical standards were required and available for correction within My Lai.

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