Studying in University is Not Necessary

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Studying in University is Not Necessary


In China, most people believe that they must go to the university. This belief is supported by the assumption that those who study at university are always successful in life. The Chinese believe that university degrees shape the life of individuals. It is done through equipping them with skills that help them succeed in life by securing good jobs or becoming successful investors. Nevertheless, some individuals do not approve this ideology. They take the other side of the story and argue that a university is probably a shortcut that lets people become successful quickly, but there are many examples, showing that people might drop out of university and yet succeed. This ideology is based on the fact that there are many people who do not go to universities because of different reasons, but they are successful in life.

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Many people believe that studying at university is necessary. They focus on it as a requirement that must be met for a person to excel in life. These are individuals who focus on university not only as a school, but also as an institution that allows people to meet, socialize, and acquire necessary skills. It is evident that studying at a university enables the students to gain the necessary knowledge required for employment. Therefore, university graduates have a better chance of securing a good job. On the other hand, others believe that the university is a shortcut to success in life. However, it is not necessary. From their point of view, they argue that going to university increases the chances of a person to have a better future (Pashler et al., 2009).  Focusing on successful individuals such as Bill Gates, they count a university as the shortcut to success referring to those who do not go to the university as people who take a long course before succeeding. It is true that there are several individuals who are successful in life without going to the university. Some of them are not even educated but they have found their way to wealth.

Some people think that not everyone is like Bill Gates. They further emphasize that studying at universities could help people get enough knowledge that they need. Studying at university, one learns new things in different subjects during study units and semesters. University education is an opportunity that one gets to pass through most of the things that he will come to experience in the future both theoretically and practically. University students learn different things through encountering different challenges and learning skills during class time. Universities also make students enjoy exposure and on job training during internship and attachments. In addition, while conducting a research, university students are given an opportunity to socialize with the members of the general public with a motive of coming up with a unique study an issue that promote the mental development of the students.

Therefore, the knowledge that students acquire during university studies is of great importance in their future in both professional and personal life. Other people think that studying at university gives a person a chance to learn many things (Bowles and Gintis, 2011).  However, many study without having a target. It is an issue that makes them make the wrong choice and end up wasting all the years they spend at university. Studies require a target and a focus that is facilitated by the interest in a given field or passion of taking a given career. When a person goes to university and makes the wrong career choice, he fails to acquire the necessary skills and eventually fails in the final exam since he gets a grade that cannot help him in the future. Such individuals are equivalent to people who do not go to university since what they learn at university is of no use in their life. Moreover, when one makes a wrong choice he may pass the exam, but fail to perform in the selected career due to lack of passion. It is a justification that is used to argue that it is not necessary to go to university since those who go to university may end up not applying what they learn there (Harriet, 2012).

Some people think that people from universities as they come to society do not have the practical knowledge to support their work. This issue is supported by the fact that at universities, most of the studies done are theoretical. Although the majority of what a person learners at university is theoretical, it is important to note that it equips individuals with the knowledge they require approaching different issues. In addition, it is easy to understand practical things through applying and relating theoretical studies while in operation. It is evident that studying at university equips a person with too much knowledge to the extent of not supporting some of the work that a university graduate can do. However, it is important since it gives a person a pool of ideologies to choose from while addressing different challenges. Other people think that the knowledge that students gain at university is academic. Therefore, it may not be useful. When compared to those who learn in society, they are termed to study for expert and acquire many good experiences in society. It is believed that in society, one learns only what he requires a factor that ensures that there is no confusion while making choices. In addition, as the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”. The opinion is supported by the saying with people arguing that learning in society is better compared to learning at university since it prepares an individual with the foundation of experience. After working in the same field for a long period, a person gains experience of the work and expertise. It is an issue that puts individuals who learn in society in a better position than fresh university graduates. Nevertheless, after graduation, graduates take a short period to learn field operations and eventually become the best.

Many people think that for a person to be successful in life, he or she needs to go to university. Supporters of the ideology focus on successful individuals such as managers and technicians. It is evident that the academic knowledge that they acquired from university enables them to earn good salaries, allowances, and good privileges in society. However, there is an important issue that people seem to forget. The point that they forget is that having a good salary, allowances, or privileges does not guarantee success. There are many individuals in society who did not get a chance in the university due to different challenges such as poverty, diseases, or disabilities. They have a small salary and, at times, no allowances, but they manage the little and live a better life than those who graduated from universities (Liesbet and Geraldine, 2010). These individuals apply the knowledge they get in society and also practice through trial and error to understand the best strategies of managing available resources. It is an issue that brings confusion since many believe that going to university is the road to success. To see an opposite view of things is an issue that challenges many people. It guarantees a good support to the people who believe that going to university is not the road to success. It can serve as a shortcut, but not an automatic road to success.

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To sum up, going to university is not the only road to success. It indicates that it is not necessary to study at university for a person to excel in life. It gives a person a better chance to have a better salary and to learn how to socialize with others due to exposure that students get during the time they spend at universities. It also equips a person with a lot of knowledge that can be of great importance in both career and personal life. Nevertheless, it does not equip a person with the necessary issues such as the way to behave and conduct himself. It leads to some people having big salaries, but failing to manage better salaries for a better living. Therefore, going to university is not necessary. One can excel in life even when he or she has not gone to university. There are other institutions such as polytechnics that equip people with good skills that can help them excel in life. In addition, other successful individuals in life have exceled without education, but applying talent or inheriting wealth from family members, which is also an indication that studying at university is not necessary for a person to excel in life. Many other factors can bring success including luck, talents, inheritance just to mention but a few. Studying at university is good, but it only gives a small percentage of a person chances to excel.