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E-Commerce Implementation Strategy Essay Sample

The changing trends in the business realm require organizations to implement modern tools that promote efficient delivery of goods and services. E-commerce is one advancement that has seen many entities use the shortest time possible to serve their clients.

Despite BBQfun operating behind this schedule, it becomes imperative to implement it since the program will offer solutions to the increasing number of customers and transactions they handle. Additionally, the integration of e-commerce in the company’s operations has the opportunity of increasing or maintaining their market share and revenue.

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Also, they will lead to customer satisfaction which is vital to any business process. However, before the implementation of this idea, the legislative and regulatory frameworks that are in line with the BBQf operation plans. Moreover, other organizations, it must develop policies and procedures that will facilitate the implementation of this project.

For instance, the specification of human resource guidelines to the development of e-commerce for the company sounds essential. They will help in guiding the workforce concerning various phases that are necessary for the implementation of this project. Also, it is significant to understand how the use of operation plan can influence the implementation of the electronic commerce project. Every long-term endeavor requires a schedule that contains the various phases of implementation. It defines time allocation for the completion of every part of the e-commerce project.

In fact, the desire has to see this project thrive, and there must be the reevaluation of existing. The process will help in making adjustments where necessary by removing or adding other components as they fall due. Since this is a new subsystem of the company, its implementation must happen in a way that it does not lead to sub-optimization. Therefore, the implementation of the e-commerce in this entity requires the development of legislative and regulatory measures, policies and procedures, understanding the role of the operational plan, and re-evaluating one.

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