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One River by Wade Davis

The book One River by Wade Davis is an example of brilliant non-fiction literature. It tells about the life of people in distant lands. It is an exploration of Amazon River and people who live there. This book discovers history, politic, science, botany, and culture of Indians.


Dido and Aeneas

The classical works of art, whether these are paintings, sculptures or anything else, represent the high value nowadays. It is not only about the fact that they depict the scenes of that-time life or have an artistic merit. It is a message that an artist wanted to express through each particular painting of what mattered even more, as well as the methods used for this purpose.


Beethoven and his Symphonies

Beethoven’s contribution to world culture was determined by his unique symphonic works. He was the greatest symphonist, and his music fully embodied his worldview and basic artistic principles. Although Beethoven lived half his life in the 18th century, he is considered to be a composer of modern times.


Modernism and the Development of Visual arts

Modernisms is referring to a series of radical movements in art, photography, architecture, literature, applied arts and music. Modernism emerged in the early 1890s.


Patronage and the Arts

Music has always been the sphere of gift and inspiration. Numerous composers and artists put their ideas into various music forms depending on their life experience and music they work with.