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How to write argumentative essay?

Composing the best argumentative essay

Every student meets various tasks on its learning path during life in college. One of the most common ones is writing an essay. Not only is this the most efficient way to check student’s writing skills, but a good way to develop other, not less important qualities. Among all the types of an essay, perhaps the most challenging one to write is argumentative one. Here, you have to provide the most detailed analyzes, make a deep research, conduct some interviews, experimentations and gather all the results into one piece of writing. Here you find some helpful recommendations to make your essay look decent and solid.

This infographic can show how to build arguments right.

Argumentative Essay Guideline

In order to learn how to write an argumentative essay step by step, you should first choose a topic of your interest to dive into. Remember, the theme should be relevant and, if possible, not discussed yet. Your future readers should be absorbed by the information that you will include in the essay. Writing an argumentative essay may be tough, so here are a few topics to choose from for the best possible result:


  • Possible political improvement that would benefit your local education.
  • Arguments against discrimination inside educational system.
  • Efficiency of current educational system.
  • Resources for maintaining proper studying capabilities.


  • Now and Then. Comparing the life before and after advent of modern technology.
  • Social media and its influence on children.
  • Application development and its impact on industrial system.
  • Media expansion – reaction of the society.


  • Comedy in nowadays films.
  • Analyzing current movie plots.
  • Pop culture of modern cinema.


  • Sport involvement to reduce juvenile delinquency.
  • Modern technologies in sport. How they changed the industry.
  • Using GMO-free products and their impact on athlete’s health.
  • Alternative mainstream games of current world state.

After choosing from such a great variety of argumentative essay topics, it is high time to begin composing the essay itself.


Start your writing process with an outline. Think hard what you will include in the essay and what main points should be studied. Even though nobody requires you to show the finished outline, it will save you so much time that you will never regret getting a habit of writing one. Clarify the aim and proceed with writing.


If you see a clear picture of how your essay will look like, it is time to dress it up and get some arguments to work. Think about the thesis statement and be sure you compose it with maximum attention as it is actually the most important sentence of your essay. In the main body provide the arguments and the supporting statements with some vivid examples. Add the results of your research, interview and everything that you have prepared to your essay.


By finishing your essay you are not done yet. It is advised to study some argumentative essay examples for high school to see how your own essay can benefit more. Also, prepare yourself to defend the essay if during the presentation you are asked some unexpected questions.


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